Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daddio's latest table runners have been done for a while but I thought I would save the their mugshots for today.

Little Sister and Middle Sister were the recipients of his latest obsession-Valentine's Day.

He cuts and sews all the paper piecing elements and I applique them down for him. It looks like I was asleep at the wheel for this one. See that plaid petal on that plaid background? I didn't even notice it until I took the photo. Lucky for me neither did Daddio or he would have had a fit. Even though these are done, there is no rest for the weary-he's already made me a bucket of pieces for St Patrick's Day AND Easter. Goodness, there is no end in sight.


  1. Beautiful patchwork! I didn't notice that petal until you pointed it out but it must be patchwork camouflage, surely??? Happy Valentines!