Friday, February 8, 2013

Even More Woolly Stuff

 The Ladybug is empty. The poor girl has been empty for a while now and since she is the only wheel out where I can get to it, I needed to find something in my vast fiber stash to spin.

The rule is that I can only spin commercially prepared fleece on her because, well...because my washed fleeces are usually pretty cruddy. They turn a wheel into a mess so Ladybug is spared the rustic wool in order to keep her pretty.

I saw this BFL/Silk at Rhinebeck last fall in the Misty Mountain Farm booth and had to have it as much for its name as its color.

  I thought long and hard about how to spin it. I know from experience that the red and green once plied together will turn into a muddy mess so I separated out the big chunks of color.

I am going to spin this into a 2 ply in hopes of making a shawl someday so I will need 2 bobbins of each color to ply together. There will probably be a bit of waste doing it that way but if it turns out the way I hope it will, it will be worth it.


  1. I never thought of splitting my braid like that. I'll have to keep this in mind for next time I want to keep some colours separate.

  2. Those colours are gorgeous! Can't wait to see it spun

  3. Spinning weekend? Sounds like fun! SOmeday I'll spin too

  4. Until it is possible to spin from my recliner I will leave the spinning to you.
    Colors are great.