Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Winter's Worth

As I was putting away the last pair of my handspun Corrie socks, I decided to take a family portrait because it won't be long before they will all be packed away until next winter.

It seems like yesterday that they were just piles of fluff drying in the summer sun. I am so looking forward to this summer's piles of fluff but I will be reminding myself to be less carefree with the dye. Fun colored fluff is one thing and an entire wardrobe of crazy colors is quite another.



  1. What a wonderful collection of beautiful socks - you are very inspirational Araignee!

  2. Oh but I love all those crazy colors of yours! They turned into very pretty socks and knitting socks is one thing I do love about winter.

  3. When you think of all the labour that went into those four pairs of socks, they are priceless! I really look forward to seeing how you'll be doing the next batch!

  4. I love the fun colors. They are bright flowers for the feet.