Monday, February 11, 2013

Uh Oh.....

 Apparently my chain plying skills are a bit rusty.

 As soon as I pulled this skein off the niddy noddy I knew I was in trouble.

 I knew I had tied it off in at least three places but I couldn't find where.

 Even when I did tame it, it still had a mind of its own.

 It took a lot of twisting to get this pre-thwacking shot.

 After a soak and a beating, it was much tamer.

 It also looked fat and fluffy which helped hide some of the wonky bits.

None of it really matters because it is destined to become a few stripes in the wonkiest sweater ever knit. I am at the ribbing on the bottom of the body so it's the sleeves that need to be spun next. I can't wait to finish it and try it on. It's going to be hilarious.


  1. I feel so much better now knowing that I am not the only one turning out wild over energized bundles like this. :-) Can't wait to see your finished colorful sweater!

  2. Love the colours! Love the fact that you know it's going to be wonky... keep us posted!

  3. We'll see you a mile away with those colours! Hurry up and finish it so we can see it on you.

  4. When I first saw the title and the picture of yarn - I thought the kitties were up to no good again

  5. I cannot WAIT to see this sweater..I am in love with the colors!!!