Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Say Cheese

 I finished my Honey Cowl so I needed to get some photos for my Ravelry project page. My standard mug shot doesn't tell you much.

Neither did this pose. I am afraid it needed a neck.

Standing in front of the bedroom mirror didn't work. Too dark.

 Taking it outside made the cowl look better but made me look like a California raisin having a bad hair day.

The bathroom mirror worked best. That's me, still sans makeup and a hair brushing but at least the scary wrinkles are softened a bit with the bright lights right in my face.

As for the cowl, it turns out I like it. It wasn't exactly what I consider a fun knit but it is surprisingly stretchy and comfortable. I also like the rolled edging. It gives it a good solid feel.

My one disappointment is with the inside. I chose this pattern because it claims that it is "lovely on both sides". I don't think the back side is hideous but it is certainly not lovely. Just sayin'......


  1. It looks very nice on you and I love the stitch pattern on the front side too. That ought to keep you nice and toasty warm too. I think I see a cowl in my future as well. Lord knows I could use one with my weather lately. :-)

  2. I really like the touch of turquoise in that yarn. It looks very good on you and will keep you warm!