Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Magic Word

 I have a very well known weakness. All someone has to do is mention the word "kit" and I will wholeheartedly throw money at you without blinking an eye. I confess it is because I am a lazy knitter. I just want to make little loops with sticks over and over and over. I want someone else to do all the thinking about color and patterns for me.

So when the author of a blog I admire wrote that she added thrum kits to her Etsy shop I couldn't get over there fast enough.

 I was lucky enough to get one. They were selling very well. Apparently I am not the only sucker for kits in the world.

 The package seemed a little heavy. Something didn't feel like the yarn and the fiber I was expecting.

Good golly, it was the cutest little sheep soap ever! It smelled just like a blueberry muffin and I so wanted to eat the darling thing but instead it is going to be carefully preserved so I can admire it forever.

As for the whole thrumming is going to be quite the adventure. I have always wanted to try this technique of creating a fiber lined mitten. I know we don't exactly get super cold weather here and rarely snow or ice anymore but if we do I am going to be ready. To see the video that goes with the enclosed pattern look here.

Who do I owe a big merci to? Zenitude, of course! If you haven't seen her blog look over on the right at my blog list and check out her post on her alpacas in the snow-it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Vraiment trés gentille mon amie!