Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Now that my baby knits are done, my knitting in public bag is empty. Daddio has three-count'em three-doctor's appointments this week so this is a catastrophe.

Wandering Cat was sweet enough to gift me this lovely sock yarn so it only made sense to cast on one of her lacy sock patterns. I really needed some lacy sock knitting after all the rustic handspun I turned into socks over the past few months. I am really sick of ribbing and these socks have NONE.

Just look at this. This is only one day's worth of knitting. I couldn't stop. I just had to keep putting on the rows every chance I got. I am already on the heel flap as we speak and this sock was born only yesterday. As a rule, I lose interest after about 15 minutes of knitting-but just look at those colors. Makes you think of early spring buds ready to burst into bloom. Of course there was a dilemma early on when I convinced myself they were going to be too small. For the longest time I thought long and hard about getting up and getting some larger needles and starting over. It was a good thing I was too lazy to go get the other needles because now that there is enough material to show the stretch, these are going to fit perfectly.

This is Undine and you can find the free pattern here and some of this gorgeous hand dyed yarn here.


  1. Wow! That's got to be some kind of a record in speed sock knitting! I love em too! I just may have to give that pattern a try myself.

  2. The lace is perfect for the colours of that yarn.

  3. One of the fun things I like about dyeing is seeing things knit up - that one does not look at all how I pictured it would!
    It certainly is cheerful! Undine is one of my favourite patterns actually - and not just because it's mine - it's just so pretty, but so fun and easy.

  4. that is so beautiful. still can't knit lace but wish I could. maybe someday when I get smart.
    love the lace pattern and the yarn is yummy.

  5. OMG that sock is gorgeous. Just wonderful