Sunday, February 10, 2013

When to Say When

My Honey Cowl is getting big. It is supposed to be 11 inches wide and it's not-but it looks BIG. The problem is that I don't want to stop working on it even though it is plenty enough cowl for my little neck.
I don't want to quit just yet because it is what I carry to Daddio's twice weekly physical therapy appointments and I am not ready to break in another knitting in public project.

I like to sit in the corner, unnoticed, and this particular project blends in with me perfectly. It even matches my socks.

Me and my knitting are perfectly coordinated so no one is paying attention to what I am doing so no one tries to talk to me about it. Sounds weird, but spending the morning wrangling Daddio, in order to get him ready to go out, just wears me out mentally. I just want to use this precious time to sit quietly and knit. I don't want to make eye contact or small talk with anyone.


  1. It is so healthy that you recognize this.....
    I love the cowl. YOu can keep going and then if you need to pull it over your head it is a hood right?

  2. I'm the same way when I got to appointments... just leave me to sit it my corner and knit.

  3. I hear ya! The cowl will be toasty warm, just keep knitting it!

  4. oh yeah, don't ask me about my knitting in public. I like to hide too. I don't match as well though.