Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Out to Pasture

The outdoor rink season is sadly over and I just want to end it by saying how much I love my skates. I really, really do. It seems like only yesterday they were brand new, shiny and white and rubbing blisters all over my feet. It took a long time to break them in and no time at all to break them down. The outdoor ice was particularly challenging to the dear old things.

Every inch of them has had it.

Even the tongues are ripping off.

 Speaking of the tongues, just look at the insides. Yuck.

Working with groups of little skaters left the sides full of gouges. The kiddies skate right over you and kick you quite often.

 The blades died years ago. No one would sharpen them anymore so I have had to do it by hand.

I love these skates but I need to replace them. At about $700 (yes, you read that right-that's a lot of yarn) this is much easier said than done. I had always said that when the time came to retire these skates I would be done with this skating thing-but I am not exactly ready. It's a good thing I put all that money I made teaching classes this season aside because I know what it is going to be used for. Blisters-and lots of them.


  1. It's probably safe to say that you won't have to buy any more though after this. My nephew's little girl is taking skating lessons and I was floored when they told me how much her skates were! And she keeps growing out of them.....I don't know how parents now days can keep up with it all. You could get a really sweet spinning wheel for that price!!!!

  2. Must be sad to let them go, but they were well loved.

  3. Wow - I had no idea skates were so expensive - no wonder my parents never bought me a pair. (Probably that and my fear of falling on the ice and getting cut to bits by other skaters....they knew I wouldn't get much use out of them) I went skating once a year with school and they always had pairs I could borrow.

  4. they are beautiful. hang them someplace very special and use them every winter season on the front door!