Friday, February 15, 2013

No End in Sight

I have been machine quilting this project forever. For. Ever. Constantly shifting around this mountain of fabric isn't my idea of fun.

 I've also had to put up with a lot of this......

...and that. None of this bodes well for the finished quilt since cat dander and I don't get along.

I certainly can't blame Daddio for getting me into this mess. I did this one all by myself.


  1. To Cute!!! Love your little kitty helpers!!! Isn't it just like cats to stake a claim on a project before one can even get it finished!! :-)

  2. Blue and favorite combo. Too funny to see the cats enjoy it as you are sewing.

  3. How helpful is your cat?
    It looks a beautiful quilt - hang in there!

  4. Oh - that's exactly what happens when I try to quilt - Mr. Rocky comes along and start acting like an anchor!

  5. The cats scenes are lovingly familiar.....

    Im tired of my blanket but I am continuing to knit on