Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bass Ackwards

The mathematical equations I used a few weeks ago to successfully divide a bobbin into two equal halves was off to a promising start with more of the same fiber.

The only problem was that it didn't work. At. All. I had way too much left over on one bobbin.

I broke off the 2 singles feeding into the bobbin on the wheel so that one end was longer than the other. That would making splicing the ends with the leftovers easier, I hoped. I wound off the leftover bobbin with the ball winder so I would get a center pull ball.

The splicing went well and so did the spinning from both ends.

I held my breath when I got to the inner "guts". If you are going to get a tangle, this is where it will be.

Whew. I made it.

Now I have a teeny tiny skein that was supposed to get my next shawl started. The only problem with this is that I forgot it is a top down shawl and I wanted the darkest of the colors on the bottom. Doh....insert head smack here.


  1. Did someone say BALL WINDER? I love those things! :) I'm up for anything involving the ball winder!

  2. BUt you are amazing to spin it up and split it up etc. I love the color way

  3. You lost me at the word 'math' but I love the color way.