Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Think Spring

Work on the Arietta is progressing uneventfully. Thank goodness. Here at winter's end I find myself with very little patience. I need sunshine and lazy days. The morning I took these photos out on the deck it was a blustery 27 degrees and I made myself so sick from the cold and wind that I spent the rest of the day in bed with a monster headache.

This was the first time I pinned it out and I was very happy to see a pattern emerge from all the crazy blue chaos. This is supposed to be what I parade around in at this year's MDSW so I needed it to be somewhat decent looking. Until now I never realized there was a subtle stripping of the blue going on. I think I like it.

The one hitch is that this is all the handspun I have left and it's not much. 27 grams. I get to knit on for 6 more grams and then I have to start decreasing so I don't run out. This may end up being a pretty small shawlette. I have plenty of this fiber left and I could spin more but I have too many more interesting spinning projects going on to be bothered.


  1. That is a very nice color for a spring shawlette and even for summer evenings. Oh my goodness, just the thought of spring and summer, I'm totally ready for that! ;-)