Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Out of Hibernation

Way back in May, I had plans for this year's MDSW that included wearing a crocheted shawl made from mohair that I had just bought at the 2012 Fest. This is the #42 Motif Wrap from Vogue in case you are interested.

I worked like crazy on it for the rest of the spring-and then stopped.  First it was the TdF taking up all my time and then it was the Ravelympics (or whatever we decided to call it) and then it was Rhinebeck and then it was new grandbaby knitting-so it was put in hibernation and forgotten.

I pulled it out of hibernation and was tempted to lose it forever due to its extreme lop-sided wonkiness until I saw how darn pretty that mohair was. I couldn't waste it.

 The problem was that the joins were all in the wrong place. I tried to work on this as a lap project but it can't be done. It needs a table so it can be laid out properly.

 You can't frog mohair, it's too sticky so there was no choice but to cut off the lopsided second row and start over.

 It was scary.

I'm no crocheter so it took the better part of an hour to make another motif.

This time instead of joining it where I thought it should be joined, I laid it out, gave it a good stretching and actually counted the loops and compared it to the joining diagram.

It is still on the wonky side but at least it lays flat. Now to make those other bazillion motifs. Before May.


  1. Oh yes....I remember you posting about this shawl back then. This shawl is going to be beautiful when your finished. Love the colors and that mohair!!!! SO COOL! I've done a fair bit of crocheting myself and I think your doing a great job with it!

  2. Two months and two weeks left to work on this beauty! You can do it!

  3. keep going - it's going to look amazing!
    I'm not a natural crochet person so I admire anyone who can crochet such beautiful things!

  4. Thats' just amazing. It looks like beautiful spider web weight yarn~!