Thursday, January 10, 2013

Worst Knitting Day EVER!

My mojo has been very fragile lately. I would rather lay in bed and watch Frasier re-reuns on Netflix than do anything remotely creative-that's how bad it is. I did however manage to cast on and work an inch or two on that handspun sock that I am so worried about not having enough yarn for. When I got up this morning and found the house kitties had turned my project into a giant cat toy, I was not amused. Not at all.

 The little monsters had the nerve to get up on the table and reach in and pull it out of my bag. From now on the zipper will be in use at all times.

I took a deep breath and got the poor chewed up sock back on the needles. I resisted frogging it because I knew that would be the end of it if I did.

Detangling the yarn barf was not too bad but it was full of floor debris and cat hair. Yuck.

I had to re-skein it instead and give it a bath. I changed my wood needles out for metal ones first.

Lucky for me, we have had a run of warmish weather so out the mess went to dry. I thought my problems were over for the day but noooooo.

I rushed off to pick Daddio up for a doctor's appointment and some well earned quiet knitting time. When I got in the waiting room and pulled out my baby sock I discovered with horror that I only had 3 needles. The free needle (that I know I put in the bag) was gone. Vanished.  The doctor was running almost an hour behind and thinking about all that wasted knitting time, I threw an internal hissy fit of epic proportions. Then I decided to see if I could knit on only 2 sticks. It was fiddly and I didn't get very far but it did keep me from completely blowing a gasket. By the time I got home, I never wanted to see anything related to knitting ever again. And even worse, that needle is still missing which is not only driving me crazy but cost me $50 in replacement needles because....well, just because.


  1. Now that's a bad knitting day!! I've had a few of those myself so I can relate. But on the bright side, you have warm weather and GREEN GRASS so things can't be that bad! :)

  2. Sending hugs of creative calm to you... Those naughty kitties of yours. That is very beautiful yarn though - don't give up!

  3. The knitting stars were not aligned properly for you yesterday! But you did get very creative to try and knit on two needles!

  4. Oh my - your kitties are way more evil than mine. They will steal unsupervised yarn - but never attached to a project!
    I hate it when you lose a needle like that....

  5. aww honey. Losing a needle is bad enough, but the cats in the knitting.....
    and a long DR. appt wait...ewwww
    lets just erase this day and start over?

  6. Mama said there'd be days like this....
    Mama said....
    and they suck.