Thursday, January 3, 2013

Post Holiday Knitting

 Daddio had an early morning appointment for a some tests yesterday so making good on my resolution to get all the socks off the needles was a breeze. Waiting room knitting is always quality time.

 After casting on and knitting along happily for a good while, I noticed to my horror that my ball of Corriedale was running a bit low. I need enough for a second sock and I'm not sure I have it. I don't even think I have any of the dyed locks left in this color. Drat. I'll have to figure something out.

I was curled up in a corner, huddled under my coat, miserably sick with a cold but my toes were all warm and cozy on this frosty morning in the last pair of Corridale handspuns to come off the needles. I used to bad mouth this particular fleece but I am totally OK with it now that the weather is cold. Miss Corrie made great Croc socks.


  1. Awww sorry about the shortage....

    Glad your fiinished socks kept you cozy