Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekends and Tuesday Nights

 I've been doing a lot of this lately.....

 .....and this....

...and even more of this.
Daughter is the skating director at two different outdoor ice rinks in Washington, DC and I've been helping out (for $$$) during the Learn to Skate classes. It's the closet thing I've had to snow in quite a while so I'm enjoying every minute of crawling around on the ice with toddlers. I also either help out with or teach (!) five classes of beginning adults that are a riot and a half. I didn't learn to skate myself until I was in my late 40's so I can definitely still feel their pain. The secret to success: gel pads and lots of them. Cover everything you don't want bruised, blistered or broken and then and only then is this skating thing fun.


  1. Looks like fun....it's been years since I've been on skates. It's way to cold here for any out door activities right now though. We have Dangerous wind chills forecast for this evening and all week long. :O

  2. Looks like great fun - wise words about all that padding!

  3. I learned to skate in college....we learned how to fall first...on our behinds!!
    Skating is such fun.....

  4. That looks like so much fun! I'm a terrible skater, I'd probably fall on the poor tots!

  5. I learned to skate as a little girl of 4 on the pond near my house. Haven't been skating for over 25 years now. I remember some really really cold feet! Love that you still do this and have so much energy!