Monday, January 7, 2013

First FOs of 2013

I am certainly not completely done with my box of socks but thanks to lots of resting in front of the TV, I do have a heap of them to show off.

My first ever Socks That Rock are all finished and I think I love them. I do believe they are worthy of standing in line for so at this year's MDSW you will certainly be seeing me queuing up for more. I just hope I have the good sense to bring home a decent color. My other skein is a total ugh. I think I may over-dye it if I can work up the courage. This colorway is Jabberwocky and I like it just fine.

Speaking of interesting colorways, here are one each of a pair from my Corriedale fleece dyeing adventure of two summer's ago. Their mates are still on the needles but I have renewed interest in finishing them since I started wearing a finished pair and discovered how very yummy they are. 

As for the other two pair that I have vowed to finish, I am sad to say this is as far as they have gone.

The good news is, that in their project box, I found the missing packages for all those circular needles I have laying about. I still have to match them to their package but I now have a 3 to 1 chance of getting it right.

Even better news is that in the same box, I found another few ounces of turquoise yarn that came from the same locks as the sock that I have in progress whose ball is getting mighty small. This may just be enough to finish those toes I am so worried about. Fingers crossed.


  1. Nice socks!!!!! Love all the colors! One can never have enough socks! It's my favorite thing to knit. :-)

  2. Look at you - knitting socks like the wind! STR makes a great sock yarn - my only STR pair got a hole in them - I am sad.

  3. FIngers AND Toes crossed for you. Wow you have been productive. Im impressed. STR are nice aren't they??????