Friday, January 4, 2013

Not a Clue

I have a lot of circular needles and a bad habit of not keeping the package and the needle in the same place.

This means that as I finish projects, I have to try to figure out what needle goes into what package. I don't think I ever really get it right.

I have a needle gauge but honestly, I have no idea how it is supposed to work.

I can't even figure out how long a cable is.

I know all this makes me seem shockingly ignorant but over in the Knit Picks Lovers group on Ravelry there has been a lot of discussion about the new Sunstruck needles. It seems that there has been some discrepancy about the marked size of the needles and what they actually measure. I don't feel so bad now. If Knit Picks can't figure this out than nobody can. Speaking of Knit Picks, have you seen this?

I want one. In green. 


  1. I agree, the green one is gorgeous. But I have several cardigans on my 2013 list and should start with those before I commit to another one!
    I will post how I store my circular needles this week. You might like the idea!

  2. Hallo! Happy new year to you!
    Thank you for your comment of my Marius-sweather on Ravelry :) I found your blog and I will definitely visit you again :)

  3. I am terrible when it comes to keeping track of my packages too. Have you tried the Chia Goo needles? Not only do they have a lovely unkikable cable, they also have the size laser etched into the needle - and they are fairly inexpensive. We get ours from here - she frequently has sales.

    I have actually found my knit picks needles to be a little off when it comes to the sizes.

  4. oh the needles....
    oh the packages.....
    oh the sizes......
    the color charts.....
    I have no idea

  5. I have this in pink. It holds all of my circs (and I have a LOT) very well. I just cut the size off the top of the paper insert and hole punch it, slide the needle through. I have the arranged in the zipper pouches from smallest to largest. I only have one or two out at a time so it makes it easy to know where they go again when I'm done or when I "find" them in a box or bag somewhere.