Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woolly Wednesday 2013

Now that all the Christmas crazies are pretty much over, I found some time to work on some unfinished projects. All the wheels are finally empty and they will stay that way while all holiday decor is being packed away. As much as I need the de-stressing benefits of spinning, I can only stand so much clutter.

This is the Polwarth/Silk blend I picked up in Rhinebeck that I finally finished plying. It is lovely stuff. It really needs to be knitted into something soft and drapey but it is sadly at the end of a very long queue.As you might have heard, I have a lot of neglected socks that need to be done first. It is my punishment for starting so many at once. Ugh.

 I also completed the finishing of the Clun Forest. Those rainbow skeins had been plied but they had not had their bath or a thwacking. They lost some color during the process but I like the results. I have to say it was a real pleasure to get outside and play with some fiber again. I hate the idea of another year without snow but I have to admit, getting quality deck time in winter is nice. Really nice.


  1. Lovely colours, I love the Polworth/Silk shades. Polworth is a pleasure to spin.

    Happy New Year x

  2. Such wonderful yarns and colours! I too am waiting for the decorations to be put away before I am soothed by my spinning... Happy New Year! x

  3. Gorgeous colours - Polwarth and Silk is favourite bland at the moment a lovely spin!