Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Means War

The gloves are coming off. Those bad kitties have gone too far this time. Ever since last year's MDSW I have been carefully spinning this Polwarth top for this year's shawlette.

The two bobbins are on the Bug's attached lazy kate. I was looking forward to some early morning spinning.

Left side's looking good....

Right side: NOT SO MUCH.
The little *@&!*#s must have been using the lazy late for a scratching post last night. No treats for them today and they better not dare ask for a cuddle. Grrr.....


  1. First of all I love the color of that Polwarth and second of all SHAME ON THOSE KITTIES!!! That's awful!! I'm not getting a good feeling about this odd year we're heading's even affecting the kitties behavior! I hope you can salvage most of it. What a shame!

  2. What a mess! No milk for those kitties tonight! I hope you can still make something of it.

  3. Uh oh.... those better be some darn cute kitties!

  4. Post the number of the local animal shelter by the phone and take the cat carrier out of the closet....just to send a message!

  5. Ugh oh. Time to cover it in foil at bedtime..that ought to dissaude them

  6. yes Melanie has a very good idea... say the number out loud too for good measure.