Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Day

 I took advantage of my snowy Friday afternoon to start my 2013 MDSW shawl. The fact that I had the house to myself was the deciding factor to get serious about getting it on the needles. Working the first few rows of a new lace pattern can be painful. See that yellow box on the chart behind the needle? It's where this particular project almost got the death sentence. I could not figure out how to do a kfb in a k2tog AND get the right stitch count to save my life. For 45 minutes I struggled and then some weird knitting miracle happened and it just worked. Don't ask me how or why-it just did and I am grateful. I paid $6 for this pattern.

I knit on for a while longer trying to decide if it was a keeper. After all, if it got me once it may try to do it again. After finishing the entire first page of charts I decided to celebrate by photographing my progress out in the snow. It was 20 degrees out so I thought this shouldn't be a problem.

  I just laid the knitting on the icy snow and snapped away.

To my horror, my smoking hot needles began to sink into the snow and all my hard work became a fuzzy blue snowball.

 Much to my relief, after a nap on a warm, dry towel, I could see that no real harm was done. By the way, this is Arietta and hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of her one day.

Enough about knitting, there was still snow coming down and I had to get outside. You can't waste a flake around here because you never know if you'll ever see it again.


  1. Oh, it's very pretty so far! Hope you stick with it. I love the color BTW! I really want to try doing a lace shawl but that one looks a little to complicated for me. And as far as the snow goes, we have enough for everyone around here. I'd be happy to send it all your way! :D

  2. Such beautiful lace work - I understand just how painful a new lace pattern can be! Enjoy your snow - ours has all gone now..

  3. That's a very pretty pattern!
    We are suppose to get rain this week - so what little snow we have will be gone again!

  4. Smokin hot is right. I love this.
    That yellow box is enough to keep me from lace.

  5. WOw I am proud of you. Lace really throws me. I takes all my concentration and life lines and it tenses me up. YOURS is amazing. You are doing it. Keep it up. it is gorgeous