Monday, January 21, 2013

Mommy and Me

I decided to gift the Socks That Rock pair to Dear Daughter in Law so I just had to use the leftovers for a matching pair for her new little Mini Me.

I know I broke my New Year's resolution by casting on another pair of socks when I have so many in progress but I couldn't resist.

As for Socks That Rock, I still have a ball that was going to be something else and then got frogged so I am not being completely selfless in giving them away. I'll be rocking a pair of these socks some time in the near future-but not until the others are all off the needles.


  1. Such beautiful socks - they are very lucky to receive matching mummy / mini me ones!

  2. I don't think baby socks count when it comes to casting on a new pair - they are so tiny and cute!

  3. Oh but matching mother/baby socks is such a great idea...I may have to copy this idea !!!