Friday, January 25, 2013


We went to bed Wednesday night expecting a few flurries. Instead we got two inches of snow.

That wouldn't be a problem except our cars were at the bottom of our long steep driveway.

Lucky for The Mister, this was not a shovel type snow. It was of the sweeping type. He gave the driveway a good sweeping at 3am and managed to get one car up. My Mini wouldn't budge.

 I did have things to do and places to go but not until late afternoon. By then Miss Mini went up the hill without any problems. In the meantime, I made good use of the first snow I've seen in several years. Goodness, how I have missed that crunch it makes when you walk on it.

A Lopi mitten covered in snow is such a beautiful thing.

The dreary winter landscape was transformed.

The camellias have been hanging on in spite of the bitter cold. Their coat of snow only made them prettier.

The daffodils also seemed to holding their own. Good thing. They are calling for more snow today. I am going to make sure I enjoy it. Next week it is back to the 50's.


  1. I can't wait for the greens and flowers to happen here......I'm afraid I'm over the snow and cold but the snow and cold doesn't seem to be over with me yet. :-(

  2. Seems we are getting snow on the weekend too, should break the cold spell we're having.

  3. such a lovely troubleless snow

    YOu finished your lopi mitts just in time!