Friday, January 18, 2013


I bet you can't guess what this is.

If you said it was a Honey Cowl, you'd be right. I had to jump on that viral bandwagon and have one of my very own since everyone on Ravelry already has one. I even had to break my new year's resolution in order to cast this on because those five pairs of socks are still not done.

What makes this even more naughty is that even before this one was finished, I had bought the yarn for two more. Even worse, I'm betting they won't get done as I am not actually having that much fun making the first one anymore and I have some prettier cowl patterns waiting in the wings. There has been a lot of tinking going on with this one. The pattern is such that you can't take your eyes off it for even a second. You might as well be knitting lace.

And yes, it is all cheapo yarn because anything around my neck and face has to be. I love the wooliest of wool on my feet and hands but not above the shoulders. Up yonder it has to be soft acrylic. I have even found acrylic that is too itchy for head wear. I'm talking to you Bernat Mosaic. Pretty you may be but scratchier stuff that didn't come from something on four legs can't be found.


  1. I give you such credit for finicky patterns and your sticking to it.
    I give up easy.
    I have to have soft yarns many lovely wools just itch me to death...

  2. I started making the Honey Cowl, but got annoyed with it. That's how I ended up making my Cobblestone cowl.

  3. Yes I guessed the Honey Cowl. I love the color. It's so true about wearing wool above the shoulders. I can wear a wool hat but never a cowl !

  4. I love cowls...they just don't work in Florida a damn shame...