Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The singles that the kitties attacked have been safely plied. It was touch and and go until I got past the nasty part. Unbelievably, there were only 2 breaks in the whole mess. The rest was just kitty tangle which can actually be an even worse problem to fix. Lucky me-because this time it wasn't. Whew. What a relief.

I would have been very upset to lose this. It will soon be a little something or other to sling over my shoulders as I parade around the Howard County Fairgrounds in May. Just look at that ticker over there on the right. Not many days left is there? Where does the time go?

I am more than likely going to need more so it's a good thing I still have plenty of the fiber left. Now I have to remember how to use a drop spindle.

 Totally unrelated to today's post but connected to yesterday's is this camellia bloom that was waiting for me this morning. As I type this I hear the rumble of thunder. In January. It's going to be another long, hot summer and it will probably start sometime in March.


  1. Oh good!! That turned out really nice! I just love the color and if I could only ply that well! Mine is still a work in progress. The weather you are having is amazing! I'm so jealous... it's 1 degree above zero in my neck of the woods....had to blanket the horses when I tucked them into their stalls this evening.

  2. Gorgeous green yarn...so glad it was salvedged!

    Lovely flower..there won't be any flowers here for at least 8 weeks....and then just brave little crocus and snow drops

  3. That is going to make a gorgeous shawl!