Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Spin of 2013

 It was so warm out that I had the windows open on the day I turned some locks into a batt.

 I love playing with locks. Aren't they beautiful?

 The batt didn't stay a batt very long because it needed to be spun. I needed more yarn to finish a sock.

I got two nice nests out of it and dug out a wheel.

 My poor Traveller was covered in dust and terribly rickety, poor thing. She needed emergency surgery on those loose joints.

 She also needed a lube job.

Sitting down to spin was awkward. I made every mistake possible. I wondered if I had ever done this before.

My hands started to remember what to do before my head did so I managed to get a few ounces spun from those two pretty nests. I could see it would still not be enough to save those socks so out came the carder again.

I cranked out another batt but packed the nests away for another day of spinning.

 I decided instead to try my hand at some plying. First I had to transfer some singles from a drop spindle onto some bobbins. My clumsy hands could manage this.

Plying went fairly well for a while but by now I was worn out. Still not completely over that nasty bug, I had used up my daily quotient of frustration. It was time for a nap.


  1. Beautiful crimp on that one picture. I need to get my wheel back out too!

  2. I really admire how hard you are working to finish those socks! Inspiring!

  3. ahhh but you accomplished so the wool work

  4. I would think a nap in those nests would be in order. They are so lovely and soft.