Thursday, November 8, 2012

Woolly Wednesday Part 2

The next morning I had The Mister take the pot of soaking water out into the flower beds to dump. He remarked that Elizabeth was a very clean little lady. You wouldn't believe what the water looks like after some fleeces sit in it for 12 hours or so.  

After a good draining, I put the fleece bundles into hot tap water for a good soapy soak while I heated some super hot water on the stove for a second washing.

For some silly reason, I decided to forgo the tongs and plunged my hand into the boiling water along with the fleece. Ouch. I had the good sense to immediately put the injured fingers in some cold water. It hurt like the dickens for several hours but since I had no blisters or other skin damage I am considering myself lucky. It could have been so much worse.

After two washings and a vinegar water rinse, Elizabeth was more than ready for a little color.

 I mixed up some Jacquard and stuffed handfuls of the clean fleece in the jars for a hot water bath.

I had some errands to do, so after bringing the pot to a simmer, I covered it, turned it off and left it for several hours.

When I got home, the jars were cool and the dye was exhausted. I gave it all another vinegar rinse and a ride in the salad spinner I use only for fleece. I put it out to dry on my drying racks and nuclear bombed my kitchen sink with several disinfectant cleaners and a Clorox rinse.

 Whenever my deck looks like this I know I've had a good day.

Since the weather is going to be equally good for washing tomorrow, I stuffed some more fleece in the bags to give them an overnight soak.

Tomorrow it will be Jacob that will be getting the color treatment.

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  1. Oh your poor hand. I guess you were excited. Elizabeth is looking lovely. That blue is wonderful.