Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Has Fallen

The view up my driveway is unmistakably autumnal this morning.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, fall has finally arrived.

As if there isn't enough leaves in the yard...

I feel compelled to put fake ones elsewhere.

 The Halloween jack o'lantern is disguised as a plan old pumpkin in the front garden. It's hard to believe the squirrels have not found it yet.

Most of the clay pots have been emptied....

..but a few brave herbs are hanging on for dear life.

The outside kitty huts have been stuffed, covered and plugged in.

They even have a heated feeding station this year. I've given up trying to get them in the house. They wailed like banshees the whole time we had them in for the Hurricane That Wasn't.

Just look at that sweet kitty. You would think they would love to curl up in front of the fire or on a warm bed but noooo......

 The surest sign that the weather has taken a turn is that my new crock pot has finally come out of the box and is in regular use. Who needs Yankee Candles when you have a pot of soup cooking?


  1. I love Autumn/Fall - the colours are so beautiful! Here most of the leaves have fallen and brown seems to be everywhere!

  2. I'm all for the crock pot, smells even better than a candle and you can eat it too!
    Those cats are lucky to have such a shelter for the winter. Love your idea of heated cafeteria for them!

  3. WOw your committment to the outdoor cats is amazing. .how wonderful of you!