Monday, November 5, 2012

In the Calm Before the Storm

Some people when they hear dire weather reports, start stocking up on food. I start working like crazy to get everything off the wheels so the can be packed up and put away. I gave myself shin splints in order to get this Jacob sock yarn finished in the days before Sandy. It is going right into the box of sox and is the next in line to be cast on.

I also finished the last of the Clun Forest singles from my original fleece. I still have to ply them but I am dragging my feet because they are so pretty just the way they are.

In the days preceding the storm, it was warm so I was ouside happily washing fleece. You will read all about that on my Woolly Wednesday posts. I had to hastily throw it into a box for safe keeping and the new Clun Forest and the Jacob I had dyed got all mixed up. It's a good thing they are so different from one another as sorting them out was pretty simple. Now all I need is a decent day to do some carding and the wheels will be back in business.

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  1. Those yarns and fibre look amazing. I'm so glad you're safe after Sandy.