Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Box of Sox

Thanks to my nonstop post hurricane Weather Channel watching, the second pair of the box of Corriedale socks is finished. These are a simple 2x2 rib using the Knitmore Girl's plain vanilla sock pattern. There are two more pair still on the needles and several more skeins of sock yarn to cast on.

 All the locks that Daddio and I carded up this summer were the locks I solar dyed the summer before.

 There is even a crazy colored Corriedale sweater in progress somewhere around here.

 I certainly am getting a lot of mileage out of that 12 pounds of stinky fleece I drug home from MDSW two years ago. I wrote it off as being too itchy at first but either I have grown accustomed to it or it really wasn't that bad to begin with-because it really is knitting up into nice stuff. Those socks are yummy. I took them out for a walk in the woods today and they were perfect.

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