Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something Finally Finished

Until someone on Ravlery messaged me about it, I had completely forgotten about the Modern Lodge Pullover that needed its sleeves put back on. That crazy collar was giving someone fits so I hope my advice helped them figure it out.

I finally got a quiet day around here so I gave myself a refresher course in mattress stitch and sat down to spend a long morning doing something I hate to do-finishing. I love to knit. I hate to sew it up. From now on, it's seamless construction for me.

The reason the sweater was being sewn together for the 2nd time was because the sleeves were too wide and too long. I am very happy to report that the newly redone sleeves are perfect. As soon as I finish weaving in the ends, I am going to give this thing a good blocking . It certainly is a wrinkled mess. I suppose, that's what I get for keeping it wadded up in a knitting bag for a year.


  1. Nice sweater! I love the colors and the collar! Sweaters are such a commitment. I think that's why they end up in knitting bags for long periods of time. I have a couple stuffed in bags here as well and now I'm feeling guilty cuz yours looks so happy to be out of it's bag.

  2. Very pretty, really like the shawl collar.

  3. spectacular!!!! What a finsh. Love the collar