Monday, November 26, 2012

Ready When You Are

The Christmas baby knits are done. Now all we need is the Christmas baby for these cute little socks. I'm a December baby, so is Dad to Be AND Mom to Be. All of us in a row. We can't wait to see where the new little falls in the line of pre-Christmas dates.

The Easy Peasy Newborn Hat got a pompom instead of an icord wiggle at the top. I am very proud of this pompom. I haven't made one in years and it was a bit traumatic.

While we are speaking of holiday knits, look what followed me home the other day. I think I deserve some mindless dishrag knitting. I am also using it as a diversion to keep me away from the 2012 Advent Scarf KAL. I have very fond memories of making mine last year but I really, really don't need the stress or the scarf.


  1. truly tiny and adorable
    can't wait for you to be holding your first grandchild. There is nothing like it.
    Love all the spinning, knits and your daughter's little girl sweater. So sweet.

  2. Pom pom envy going on here

    Adorable Christmas baby set