Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I worked my fingers to death finishing the Thanksgiving table runner Daddio and I had been working on right before the storm interruption. I think I have a permanent hole in my needle pushing finger. I do have "protection" but I find it awkward especially when I am in a hurry. I worked late into the night on this one and thanks to Ken Burn's Dustbowl on PBS I have it finished in time to slip onto the table today for Thanksgiving dinner. I am keeping it far away from the gravy bowl.

I can see an improvement in my wavy line machine quilting. I figured out that I needed to mark the lines (duh) to keep them straight and to put the lines closer together. I also figured out how to not have to start and stop a new row each time but to do it continuously instead which saved a lot of time.

This fabric collection is really gorgeous. I wish I had the money to go buy more but with Christmas right around the corner, I need every spare penny I can get my hands on. Mini just got released from the car hospital at the tune of $900. Little Old Doggie had an eye infection last week that set me back another $400-but enough grumbling. Today I am just thankful that Little Old Doggie and Miss Mini are back where they belong, here with me.

Here's wishing all of you in the USA a very happy gobble day!


  1. So glad your Little Old Doggie is better!! the runner is gorgeous and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like your red Crocs!!!

  2. Your table runner is beautiful! Happy thanksgiving to you.

  3. Very pretty runner! happy Thanksgiving!