Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Woolly Wednesday Part 1

Ages ago and I mean ages ago, I began an adventure with a small box of unwashed Clun Forest fleece that I bought from an Etsy Vendor.

I washed it, dyed it, carded it into adorable mini batts and then put it away and forgot about it for several years. When I picked up the project and started spinning it, I fell in love with the hard to find fiber.

I was whining about this over on Ravelry when some very nice Raveler offered to sell me one of her Clun Forest fleeces. Meet Elizabeth.

She is 3 pounds of fun in a box that came all the way from Oregon.

I get the biggest kick out of those teeny tiny locks that card into the most lovely tight batts that are a real treat to spin.

Thank goodness we were having some weird 80 degree weather (pre-Sandy) the day she arrived because I couldn't wait to get started. I put several big handfuls into a cold water soak for the night and went to bed looking forward to washing and dyeing first thing in the morning.

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  1. You've been so busy! I've been knitting not spinning recently. I've started the Christmas making and as ever I've seriously underestimated how many hours there are in the day!