Saturday, November 17, 2012

Late to the Party

I never understood all the fuss about those fancy schmancy stitch markers. I tried them once with a lace project and it wasn't pretty. Last year at MDSW I made a bunch to offer up as a trade and then felt guilty about probably ruining someone's project with my clumsy construction. This morning after chasing around several errant round rubber markers that just popped off, in desperation, I dug out my little container of fancy markers and gave them another try. I am in love. They do work-on smooth worsted weight. They don't pop off and even if you drop them, you can find them since they can't roll away. The fact that they are so pretty and that I made them, only seals the deal. I'm hooked.
There is a HUGE story attached to this project btw. More on it later!


  1. those are so pretty and since I have lost at least half of every pretty set I had... I need the rest of the story so I can make some too.

  2. This is so funny! I use to use "pretty markers" all the time - until i started knitting lace. Mom laughed when I asked her if she would get me some nice plain plastic markers on her next knit picks order.
    But I still use the pretty ones when I do something plain though!