Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wishing in One Hand

I have two new additions to the library. I spotted this Vogue Crochet magazine in the craft section of Walmart. It was an instant had-to-have. There are some amazing things in there.  Mary Scott Huff's new encyclopedia of color work arrived from Amazon the same day. I plopped right on the couch with both of them to have a good look through.

 I made short work of the magazine but there is no way I am going to get through the color work book anytime soon. It's huge.

The crochet magazine has a project that I must make. This shawl is gorgeous. I want one.

 It is the reason I bought this at the Sheep and Wool Fest. I want to try and cheat the color changes.

The problem is that I have to learn to read these. The written instructions are there but I can't crochet and read instructions at the same time. I'm not that good at it.


  1. That shawl is a show stopper for sure. All those flowers! I'm really eager to see it done.

  2. It's just like reading a knitting chart. Also, the motifs are repetitive so once you've done a few, you'll practically have it memeorized. I don't have mine in front of me, but if it's join as you go, that's great because you don't have a stack of motifs left to join when you're finished. I'm in love with the crochet swirl jacket and will be started soon.

    1. You are so right! Now that I have actually sat down and made a flower I can see how easy the charts are. And it is a join as you go. Now I just have to make stuff to join!