Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swapping Markers

There was a stitch marker swap at the Festival this year. A few of the MD Sheep and Wool group met at 1:30 near the First Aid station.

Of course I didn't have anything to swap because I only use the cheap plastic rings. I had not yet caught the knitting "jewelery" bug.

I found several tutorials on how to make an easy snag free version. It involves crimp beads which are very expensive. A package of 24 was $3.99 at AC Moore's.

You need two beads for the top and the bottom of each marker so I only made a few.

  I was worried about them being too wonky but since only a few fellow Ravelers showed up, I brought most of them home. Sadly,there was a mix up in the location.

 Isis01 had quite a lovely display. She not only put her markers together in groups so you had a matching set but you also had a cute little color coordinating bag to bring them home in.

 Here are the ones I got from NittanyKnits and Isis01. I love them. Every time I use them I am not only going to think about how nice Ravelry people are but about what a great time I had this year.Let's do this again!


  1. Ha Ha... Shows you how much I know about knitting, when I saw them I thought they were for necklaces! They're so pretty you could use them as jewelry :)

  2. Cute! I love my "knitting jewelry" but I only use them for certain projects - dangly things don't always place nice with lace!