Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Eve

I packed my bags on Tuesday. I needed to do something before I exploded from excitement. I have been living in the Ravelry MD Sheep and Wool group for weeks now and everyone is in a state of frenzy, including me.

I had to go looking for my badges. Every year they end up in a different place. I even made a new one that has my Ravatar on it. You won't be able to miss me. The shell shocked look on my face will be another give away. My mouth will be hanging open and I just might be drooling.

I've tried on my outfit-several times now. The shawl and the bag are a must. I am not so sure about the top. I have become more apple than pear shape since I knit it but we shall see.

It's a good thing I dug out my Ravelry tees. They are covered in whatever greasy fair food I was scarfing down last year. They are going straight into the wash machine so I can wear one or the other on Sunday.

It's going to be a long sleepless night. I am pretty sure I will over on the "Who's excited?" Ravelry thread until tomorrow morning so stop in and say hi if you get a chance!