Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest Day 1

We were up and out the door by 7 to begin our hour and a half drive to the fairgrounds. I knit on socks in the back seat while The Mister and Daddio chatted up front. We dropped Daddio off at Sister's house. I am going to meet them back at the fairgrounds on Sunday morning to bring him home.

My first stop was in the main building in order to pick up a fleece. It was crowded and rather hot for being only 9:00 in the morning.

 I survived the experience and managed to get my hands on 4.5 lbs each of Romney X and Jacob.

 By 10:00 the wooly stuff had to come off. It was hot and we had a long trek to take the fleece back to the car. I loved my Sonata Crest of the Wave tank top. It was cool and comfortable. I got lots of compliments on it.

Thank goodness the tractor man rescued us from the long walk back with a ride in his wagon.

My first stop was at the exhibition hall where I saw this amazing needle felted sheep who was quite rightly covered in ribbons.

I also fell in love with this shawl. Just look at those perfect nupps. I need to find this pattern.

This should be someone's Ravatar. Princesses wear wool. Perfect.

I tried in vain to get some cute sheep pictures but it must have been lunch time because all I got were lamb butts.

It wasn't as hot as a few years ago but it was warm. I ate two snow cones and drank a ton of water to cool down.

Thank goodness for the rows and rows of port a potties. It is one of my favorite things about this festival. Everywhere you go there is a place to go. No lines. No waiting.

It was as crowded as usual in the morning but it seemed to thin out considerably in the afternoon. Everyone is trying to beat the crowds but coming early is not working anymore. It was horrible at 9:00. Elbow to elbow in the vendor booths.

We took a break under the trees to watch the dogs herd the sheep.

I played with the morning's addition to my stash. I'll do an entire post of all the goodies when I can think straight.

After the sheep dog exhibition I did more shopping. I made myself buy something from someone I have never bought from before. I tend to go to the same vendors every year and buy the same stuff. I really went out my my comfort zone here and I'll show you why later.

Having said all that I had to go to the one place I always go-Pucker Brush Farms. I just had to get my Party in a Bag. This year I got a really big bag.

I always start spinning the yarn for next year's shawl in the car on the way home so I tore into some of my new Polwarth for the long ride. Next year's theme will be Summer Breeze. Now to find the right shawl pattern for it. Summer Flies, you say? Maybe.

We took the long way around and doubled back past the fairgrounds on Rt 70 to go home so I had one more chance to wave goodbye. Not until next year-just until tomorrow. I will be back-and I need to remember to buy some sock yarn!


  1. Wonderful pictures! This is my 6th year going, and I still haven't managed to see the dog trials. Next year...

    1. It's the first place The Mister heads. He loves those dogs! We used to have a Border Collie and he was the best dog ever. Of course ours herded kids-not sheep!

  2. Looks like a great day - and you deserve every compliment on that top - it's beautiful!

  3. You are one lucky girl to be able to go to such a huge event! I can't wait to see more of those purchases.

    1. On Tuesday I go over everything in detail. It was a spectacular weekend!