Friday, May 18, 2012

Something Else for Rhinebeck

Knitted Aran Sweater #1101 in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool
While I am talking about Rhinebeck I might as well post about the sweater I may be wearing in October. I have my doubts because I have a long way to go. Cabling is slow going business.

Clover Mini Kacha-Kacha Counter,  Brittany Cable Needles
I picked up a few things to help me along. A new cable needle (yes, I still use them. I tried doing without but it made me too nervous.) some new little sticky notes to put all over the charts to help me figure out where I am and finally a new row counter. I love this row counter. It has a lock so you know it shows you the right number when you pick it up again. I found it on Amazon.

Lambie is not new but she is helping me figure out how far I have to go and it sure looks like a million miles from here.


  1. Wow!! That's pretty intense.....all those cables!!! It's beautiful!! And a serious commitment for sure! I love your little shawl...the colors are amazing! I have worked a few patterns where the edging is worked as you go myself and it's the best. I totally agree with you there.

  2. This is gorgeous! Are you doing it in the round or in panels? I hope in the round!!! It is the perfect garb for a fall wooly fest!

    1. I should have done it in the round but I followed the pattern and am doing it piece by piece. I wanted to be able to drag it everywhere and I thought the smaller pieces would be easier to deal with. I know I am going to regret that when it is time to sew it all up!

  3. I think I need one of those little counters if I am going to start lace knitting?!:.... yes I do.....and it is cute to boot.
    Love the shawl, but knitting garter stitch makes me blather like an idiot.