Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oldies But Goodies

While I was swatching the newly dyed Corrie the other day, I went ahead and swatched all my other handspun just so I could see what I have. Here are some very soft Merino (left) and Polwarth (right). The Easter egg dyed Polwarth is actually nice. I can't believe I dyed it. I remember dyeing it and re-dyeing two years ago and almost felting the fiber in the process. I am happy to see it survived all that trauma. I know the Merino is from Puckerbrush Farms. I cannibalized their roving to make longer color repeats for a shawl I have yet to make.

Here is some more Polwarth (left) that I dyed a gold/olive green combination. I remember hating it. Now that is is swatched I love it. It needs to be something. The other stuff on the right is a mystery. I am going to have to comb through my blog archives to figure out where this came from. By the looks of it, I was a pretty newbie spinner so I am going to have to go way back. I doubt I dyed it though because the colors are very nice.

Finally, I have 40 grams of Corriedale that makes me sad. I love these colors and the texture of the yarn but I only have this tiny bit. I hate when I do that. Whenever I dye anything I like it is never enough to do anything with. Phooey.

On all of them, I made little swatches from the ends that wrap around the little yarn cake and put a pin in the last bind off loop so I can pull it all out if I need the yardage someday. Waste not, want not. I wonder if there is a handspun KAL somewhere? I need some motivation to get this all out of the bin and into the other bin where my handknits go to die.

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