Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Mighty Good Thwacking

The almost last of the Corrie is being washed, dyed, spun and plied. The bag is almost empty.

It's hard to believe that all this came off the same sheep. I am finally beginning to understand how much control you have over a final product. I have learned so much about wool in this year's long quest to use up 12 pounds of the stuff.

The thinner of the two skeins is becoming a pair of socks for Daddio. He was the one who cranked out the batt so he will be the one to wear them come winter.

 The thicker yarn is just a sample of my wonky hand carded wool that I am hoping to turn into a spin-as-you-go sweater. I see a crazy multicolored raglan pullover in my future. I have always wanted to spin enough for a sweater and this last of the Corrie may well be it.


  1. That bag of wool must be close to being done now! Love the yarn and the socks will be great.

    1. It is done. Empty. Makes me sad but there is another one in the near future, I hope. I only wish I could knit as fast as I can spin it up!