Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goodbye Corrie

 It is almost MD Sheep and Wool Festival Eve and I needed to use up all last year's fleece so I convinced Daddio to help me card up the almost last of the Corrie. It goes so much faster when someone is teasing and someone is cranking.

I wanted to work my way through the pretty Easter egg dyed locks and we made quite a dent in the supply.

 Of course I started with some rainbow batts but they were not so clown barfy as I expected.

They came out very soft and pretty. I can't wait to get a free wheel so I can spin them. I ended up with 118 grams which I hope is enough for some socks if I spin it thin.

I also convinced him to try a little hand carding as I have a ton of tangled fiber to turn into rolags. He wasn't crazy about the hand carders-too fiddly for him.

 As a reward for all his hard work I let him choose his own locks and card away on the drum carder all by himself. He picked some blues, browns and oranges and came up with this. He ran it through four times before he was happy with the results. I wish he had made more because it is really pretty but I am sure I can find something to do with 40 grams. I'm thinking drop spindle for some pretty lace weight. I think I have a Bosworth free at the moment.

While he was cranking, I was washing. I am happy to report that last year's fleece is all washed up. I have so much fun with this one that it is going to be hard not to bring home another-even though I really DON'T need anymore wool because I am still going to be spending time with this particular sheep for a very, very long time.

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