Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dad is a newbie to this crafting thing. He is always whining that we have too many projects going and that we never finish anything. He doesn't understand why we can't stick to one thing at a time.

Today he got to experience that rush you get when all at once things get done. His Labor of Love quilt is finally ready for quilting. He was pretty happy about that.

 His crazy Thangles quilt is also ready for batting and backing. He also has several more that just need some finishing touches.

Hopefully he has caught on to the method of my madness. Monogamy isn't for everyone.


  1. pretty quilts........and good for him being all crafty! I really like the first one! But the question is .....can he knit?! ;-)


  2. Come on first great granddaughter! Your future Grandma wants that quilt :)

  3. so pretty that pink daisy border.
    please tell him an old hippy in Florida loves his quilts. I'm sure he has been waiting to hear that!