Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Hooking

I made a second flower motif. So far so good. The chart is not so hard to follow after you work your way through one of the motifs. Looking at these photos, I am not so sure my color choices were the best but I'm sticking with them. I could never manage all these new stitches and color changes at the same time.

Joining the motifs was a bit of a head scratcher that also turned out easier than I thought it was. I can hear all you hookers out there snickering at my horrible stitches. They are awful but I am just learning. I can see improvement as I go so I have a feeling this shawl is going to be really terrible at one end and much nicer at the other.


  1. Don't be so hard on're doing fine and I love the colors....especially the browns and blues. I think it will be very pretty when you are finished.


  2. It will be wonderful. Will you need to block each flower as we do in knitting?

  3. You can just walk sideways like a crab always presenting your best side! It is lovely.

  4. It looks waaaaay better than my crochet attempts!