Friday, May 11, 2012

A Scrap Basket Sweater

So what is all that multi-colored Corridale fluff becoming, you may wonder. The hand carded scraps are becoming a psychedelic raglan for this ancient flower child. I know I can't wear it around the family without raising some eyebrows but I can see myself sleigh riding down the driveway in it one day.

 I have bags and bags of this fluffy stuff that I had so much fun dyeing. I keep it by the wheel, grab a handful, card it and spin it whenever I have a spare moment.

I even drag it out on the deck from time to time. It is an addicting project as picking the color progression becomes an obsession. I can't stop at just one.  And even better- you can fill up a bobbin in no time at all.


  1. LOVE! love love love love love love love!!! Did you see Jamie Harmon's yarns at S&W? I bought 4 skeins and am going to make a rainbow shrug. Will send you a msg on Rav when I get it going so you can see. This is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see more photos as it progresses!