Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yarnspinner's Tales Part 2

Continuing on with my Ravelry group's March spin along project here are the latest results:
On the left is my default single after soaking and hanging to dry overnight.
On the right is my wildly twisted little skein after relaxing in a warm bath and having a plastic coat hanger hung from it all night.

Here are all three swatches. From the top: the energized single knit from the bobbin, the energized single after soaking and finally the default single after soaking. I have a hard time telling the last two apart by looking but by feeling them there is a big difference. The default is soft and drapey and the energized is not any of those things.

I blocked them all out like I would block out lace and I have to say I am getting very excited at the idea of spinning some decent singles that could turn into a 1 ply for lace. Shetland lace to be exact. No more pricey Jamieson and Smith for me, thank you very much, I can make my own now.

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