Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wearing of the Green

At least I hope I will be wearing green at this years MD Sheep and Wool. I had planned on spinning this Polwarth and turning into a lacy something or other to throw over my shoulders at this year's event but I got sidetracked. I purchased it and the Bosworth spindle last year at the hottest festival EVER and I don't mean hot in a good way. It was 90 plus degrees with humidity that even us native Marylanders wilted under.

The lovely Polwarth spun teeny tiny singles that made plying on a drop spindle not much fun so I was surprised to see how fat it all fluffed up when it dried. Although a little wonky looking, it is lovely soft stuff so I will forgive it. Now I just need a pattern for something small and FAST.

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