Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Grandma's Legacy

My great grandmother was a quilter. In spite of suffering from severe arthritis in her hands she managed to leave behind a pile of masterpieces.

She did not have a sewing machine. Everything was done by hand.

These quilts are HUGE. Double bed size or larger. These were meant to be used and by their condition, they certainly were.

They are also HEAVY. I worked up a sweat on a cold day dragging them outside for photos. There are more than I am showing here but I gave up taking their photos because they wore me out. Funny thing is, that when they were closing up the family house, they were to be thrown away. Seriously. I rescued them and have given them a home for more than 30 years now. I know I am taking a risk showing them off here because now that the remaining family knows they exist, I am pretty sure everyone will want one. Get in line. There's enough to go around.


  1. And I have one too! The one I have is in the double wedding ring pattern and the material is in the purple colors. I think Lori took one too, but I can't remember what hers looked like. It doesn't matter though, because they are all gorgeous. She was one talented woman.

    I love the star quilt - I call dibbs!

  2. There were more??? I would love to see yours!