Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Second Time Around

This is the third front band I have picked up and knit on my Classic Lines Cardigan. The first one was a nightmare. The second one seemed to be a bit easier and then when I compared the two, the first one looked awful. I had to rip it out and the worst part was that I had already tacked it down and woven in the loose ends. Ripping was not easy. The second time around, I managed to follow the line of stitches much better-leaving a nice straight ditch between the edges (although you can't really tell from this photo). The sweater would be a Finished Object tonight if I had not strongly felt the urge to leave it be for a time. I always trust my "it's time to walk away" instinct. Always. I'll tack it all down tomorrow and try not to look too hard for any other boo boos. It's been almost a year and this sweater's time is up. It's time to move on.

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